Try and fail is totally different from try and give up. What I did on my first ice climbing lesson was indeed tried and gave up. I knew I wouldn't be going anywhere with the rope and belay, but I just couldn't get over the fear of slippery ice. I knew I wouldn't be falling, I knew I wouldn't get any injury, but I just didn't dare to make the big step half way on the icy wall. And I was the only one in the class that didn't reach the top. I screwed it up, and I was not happy about myself.

The Ice Fest of Mount Washington Valley was epic! I'm thrilled that I made it to part of Will Gadd's show after 4.5 hours driving in Friday evening traffic, what an awesome and adventurous life this guy is living! The show was hilariously fun. Within ten minutes standing in the back of the all-packed hall, this guy was officially my idol.
Highly highly highly ... endlessly highly recommend his videos:

The reality of my poor performance on ice made me readjust my goals. It actually stimulates me to do more, I definitely need more practice. 'Keep climbing, got it? Keep Climbing' that's what coach Chris said to me afterwards.
Indeed, keep climbing, and definitely get myself fit and conditioned.

Cracked up on this video of Will Gadd climbing iceberg...

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